The internet emerged more than 25 years ago. Ever since the internet’s inception, it has changed and grown substantially. Websites are now the primary means of how we communicate.

The following tips are provided to help you create the best website possible. The tips care provided by the founder and CEO of Blue Fountain Media, which is a web design and online marketing firm.

1. You got 5 seconds

You have roughly only 5 seconds to express your value through your website when users visit your site. You should consider your website to be almost like a person. First impressions mean everything. If they find your website poorly designed or confusing, then they will most likely give up on your website and find something better. Design your website in a way that pulls users in and makes them want to stay longer.

2. Leave proper messages

Not only will clearly defined messages with an appropriate length draw in users, but it will also help improve your overall website ranking. Your homepage is the main gateway to your website; it is the place where users starts their journey through your site. With you should not keep them there with long paragraphs of text. Let your guests explore the rest of your site, too.

3. Include a call to action

If you were to look at any successful ecommerce or service provider’s website, you will certainly notice that they have a “Call to Action.” The most common examples of call to action include “Buy Now,” “Work with Us,” and “Request a Quote.” What’s important to note is that Calls to Action give people a choice. They should not feel like they are locked into the action without the choice of exiting the deal.

4. Become trustworthy

This is especially essential for any company offering services and products. This proves may also take some time. This concept also ties in with brand loyalty. Consumers will become loyal to your brand if they see that they benefit more from what you offer over what any of your competitors may offer. Zappos became a big hit by providing free shipping and an excellent return policy. These features not only set them apart from their competitors, but also became an appealing option for consumers.

5. Keep it updated.

You must consistently update your content. Outdated content is often inaccurate and proves that you aren’t keeping up with the times. Consumers are more likely to stay hooked to your content if you post weekly rather than monthly. Stay up to date on the changing trends of your industry through your website updates.