Are you looking for the right social media analysis tools to get the job done? Whether its seeing the most popular trends, observing how you match up with your competitors, or satisfying other functional needs; these following tool suggestions are there to provide you with your fix.

1. vCita

The tool known as vCita functions as popup box that specifically pops up when your visitors reach a certain interval in your page. If you are desiring to encourage your viewers when they read your blog posts to contact you or use your services, then this tool is right for you. The pop up will show at the bottom of the visitors’ screens.

2. Picmonkey

Adding text to your pictures that you upload and share online will give you a better edge at your pictures getting noticed. You’ll be able to catch more eyes viewing the news feeds located on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media channels.

3. Tagboard

This helpful tool is designed to help you find conversations based around specific hashtags across a wide selection of social media platforms. What exactly is a hashtag? Hashtags are a means of bunching together different conversations around a topic of interest. Hashtags originally started trending on Twitter, but have since spread out to other platforms including Google+ and Facebook.

4. Hellobar

Whenever someone is reading your blog, a good way to attract their attention is with a popup. The way Hellobar works is that a thin bar will appear across the top of your website page after a certain amount of time that you specify.