What is a style guide?

Style guides set standards within your organization when it comes to writing documents; In a way, they serve as points of reference. The references allow website creators to stay consistent with their design and material from page to page as they create their websites.

These style guides are specifically there to address problems whenever they arise within your organization. A good style guide should be very long and detailed, covering an exceptional range of potential problems that may occur. Industry wide-guides that are good tend to contain hundreds of pages worth of solutions.

There any many style guides that are publicly shared and open for reference online. Using these guides will help you understand how to create your own in a way that makes sense within your own unique company.

Make sure to keep your guide well organized, especially if you aim to make it bulky and well detailed. There are not many people within your company who will view this, but for those who do, including you, should know where to find the solutions quickly and easily.

The guide lines that your style guide sets will help ensure that all your documents in the future stay relevant to your branding and corporate style. Writing your style guide while referring to a solid pre-existing guide will be beneficial for you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to bring in other external professional authors to help you write it as well.

Despite industry-wide guides being hundreds of pages long, you should keep your own company style guide short and to the point. A good company guide should be no more than 4 thorough pages that exclude content that your employees would already know or is just plain common sense.