The purpose of your website should be clear to your audience within the first 5 seconds they are on your site. The layout should clearly and easily allow for navigation to be direct and understandable. A confused audience will lead them to frustration and essentially giving up on your website and seeking out another.

These following tips will help you to organize your website in a way that will make it easy for your viewers to navigate through your website and stay interested.

1) Develop a plan

You should put yourself in the perspective of your potential customers. Visit your own site and navigate your way to what products you think they’d want. Is the navigation simple and direct? Then you’re doing it right. However, if you have some difficulty still in navigating through your own website, then imagine what your customers are going through.

2) Remove unnecessary elements form your website

This includes all content that subtracts or distracts your visitors form the main points you are trying to convey. Your content should be straight and to the point. Lengthy content will end up boring your visitors and driving them away.

A successful website keeps visitors on their website for decent amounts at a time by providing desirable content that keeps them hooked and makes them want more. You should also exclude stocky website images and complicated animations.

3) Give your viewers more of a choice

You should include social media share and follow buttons. If you do not currently have any of these buttons, then you’re potentially losing out on a significant amount of social trafficking. Allowing your fans to follow you will give you the chance to message them updates and reminders that will draw them back in. These buttons are also passive tools that give your visitors a choice. There’s no pressure associated with them, making them more favorable.

4) White space is acceptable

Your pages don’t need to be overly crowded. White space specifically refers to the space around the elements on your page that are lacking graphic visuals or content. Incorporating white space instead of filling up those portions on your pages with useless content will prioritize concentration and positioning.

5) Include related images

If you’re running a medical website, you’re obviously not going to include pictures of libraries or skydiving on any of your pages. You should ensure that all your pictures are properly relevant to the content you’re focusing on. Including the wrong pictures will just confuse you visitors. Portraying actual pictures of what happens in your business along with the people working there would be an ideal strategy.