Are you wondering what social media tools would be best for you? Depending on what social media sites you want to focus on and what functions you specifically want to use, your social media tool will differ.

One or more of these following amazing tool suggestions may pertain to your needs.

1. JQuery PinIt

Through this tool, you will be able to encourage your users are able to share your images by providing an easy way to pin your image to another site like Pinterest. The tool specifically shows a Pinterest symbol when users scroll over your pictures, allowing them to directly pin your image if they click the symbol.

2. List.ly

When you create a list in your blog it’s a static list. The list is based on what you feel your audience may want to see, but obviously, you aren’t able to fully know what your audience truly wants to see at time. The tool List.ly allows your audience to vote for each item on the list to determine what is most popular. They are also able to add additional items to the list at any given time, which keeps the list updated with current interests.

3. Tagboard

Hashtags have become a hugely popular trend that started on Twitter, but spread throughout nearly all social media. Tagboard allows you to search for a specific hashtag and display the search results based on multiple social media platforms.

4. Buffer

This tool serves as a great application for sharing content. The Buffer site only provides some analytics on its website. Its main function is to simply provide an excellent way of sharing your content with others.

5. Topsy

Topsy is a search engine that provides an excellent means for research. Searching up s topic in the search engine will show all the top articles across the web for that topic. Searching up topics on Twitter will bring up results all the way back from 2006 and forward.